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Wrong! It meets and passes all expectations. The Hunter Herald 8 Double Sided Stove is ideal for open-plan living and very large rooms. We have just moved house, so have left the Nero 11 behind for the new owners of the house, but we have just ordered another Nero11 for our new house, which will fit perfectly into the inglenook fireplace and will no doubt keep us warm all winter. Dovre Zen 102 Double Sided View Product. A minor point for an otherwise exceptional oven for the price. Used as recommended, I feel this unit will be with me for long time indeed and that thought makes me very happy ! The Carraig Mór double sided stoves will heat both rooms and only needs one chimney. Bought this stove to fit to a sunroom to provide heat for it and the attached large kitchen. If I could give more than 5* then I certainly would, both for the fire and the company. So glad that we found this stove. This stove is amazing. Incl. Extremely good value for money; it's very well-made, easy to use and really pumps out the heat! Double Sided Stoves : UK Stoves is a leading supplier of Double Sided Stoves, providing energy efficient ways to heat your property, high quality and free delivery to most of the UK. Be the first to review this stove. ]. Double Sided Stoves Ireland . Absolutely amazing... looks fabulous heats the room perfect!! Enjoy twice the comfort and twice the view of your fire with Stovax’s Stockton double sided wood burning and multi-fuel stoves. Super easy to light and control, great heat output, very solidly built and great viewing window for the fire. You might choose a double sided stove where you have a relaxed seating area on one side and a kitchen on the other, each with a different look and feel. Our Choosing a Stove guide will help you select the right stove for your house. Had to make a few cuts to make it fit but all ok in the end. Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new burner! I bought the DEFRA approved model , in view of the new regulations coming into play in 2020, which prevents the air flow being completely restricted, thus giving a more ‘planet friendly’ combustion, so don’t expect to be able to have an overnight burn -those days are over. Double Sided Stoves If you have a double sided fireplace or you want to make a log burner the centrepiece of your room, then don’t miss our fantastic selection of double sided stoves. Please insure that once a month the stove is let out and thoroughly cleaned, ideally drop the baffle plate down and remove any debris to insure the air flow remains un-restricted. What a helpful review. 1881. 5. Great customer service, thought I had ordered twice, so sent e mail and got a very prompt reply. What exactly is a double sided double depth stove you may ask yourself? There is 1 review of this stove. 1881. Cant wait to light it! Our “Crofter” stove was delivered on Monday, fitted yesterday afternoon and crackling away at 6pm! Just letting the ash slowly compact and build up. Our Double-sided stoves can give you double the amount of everything: heat, excitement, as well as double the opportunity to benefit from the relaxing power of your stove’s flames. I am not worried by this but will be following up to see how to deal with it as this was unexpected. Double sided wood-burners and multi-fuel stoves, available as built in or as free standing heating appliances. They can heat two rooms at the same time or large open spaces. Coseyfire Crofter 5kw Cast iron Woodburning Multi Fuel Stove. This changes the look of the stove quite a lot. Hi Druid 14 Double Sided Stove . Dik Geurts Prostyle Tunnel View Product. See our Reviews. Contact Us. See more ideas about double sided stove, fireplace, double sided fireplace. I am very impressed and would not hesitate to recommend. The Ekol Clarity double sided stove is suitable for siting on a 12mm hearth and has a 6" flue outlet. I was impressed by the easy ordering process, delivery service and the stove itself. You need the press The knob for it to ignite. Provide further details as this does not tell anyone much about what problems you have experienced. We were really happy with the excellent customer service when our order was delayed slightly. Read our guide; How to write a stove review guide first. Ecosy+ Hampton 6.4 Double Sided, Defra Approved, Ecodesign Ready (2022), Wood Burning Stove There aren't many small-ish double sided stoves out there but we went for this one over the competition. Oven heats up quickly. 10kW Output (5kW to each side) 76.4% Net efficiency rating. Brandon 16kW Double Sided Stove . With well seasoned logs, so important with all stoves, it heats my house very well. read more Stove expert replied: 1100.00 EUR. Can’t wait for a really cold evening so we can get it roaring away! Buy Detail . There are no reviews for the Ekol Clarity double sided low. Bought this stove for our 17th century kitchen big fire place. Clearburn Double Sided Stoves The Croft Range of Clearburn stoves is designed on simple clean-cut lines and with the added advantage of a flat heating area on top, would grace any home, old or new. Spartherm Ambiente a8 Tunnel View Product. Log length 483mm... Want to write a review for your stove? Experience the warmth and beauty of your Portway stove in two adjacent rooms with the Double-sided multifuel stove. Only problem was we couldn’t fit it to the existing flue pipe as we had used it and it somehow changed shape . Result! CONTROLS - simple to operate. The burner itself is great, gives out plenty of heat and suits our room perfectly! 21 % VAT. A double-sided stove radiates heat 360° to fill two adjoining rooms or larger rooms with a central chimney. It is everything that it said on the tin and what was promised! Can double-sided stoves be used in open plan homes? This is an excellent stove. But... the glass turns brown if logs are burnt near the front of the hearth, so I either have to try and put them at the back or clean the glass after every use. Product looked well made and delivered in good condition but my mistake for thinking this would match the similar looking bolt pattern - it didn’t. There are 2 reviews of this stove. The Ekol Clarity Double Sided Stove is suitable for smoke controlled areas with Defra approval. Verified Reviews. The stoves are well suited to heating large spaces and the double-sided … Thank you Stove World UK! Ekol Clarity Double Sided DEFRA Approved Wood Burning Stove. All in all, a great stove at a great price. It's helped me to know he has a stove. and the build quality is as good as Stoves that cost 3 or 4 times as much! Shuts in and burns nice and gently giving decent life when loaded with logs. DELIVERY- Prompt, helpful and efficient. The company, were very quick with the delivery, keeping me well informed throughout the whole buying process. I carried out loads of research into double sided stoves at one point favouring Hunter. Hunter Herald 14 Double-Sided Single Depth Stove The beauty of double sided stoves. We fitted the direct air vent and connected it to a therminox 5 inch chminey by Poujolat. Looks as good as a Chesney stove 4x the cost. worst fire ever, its meant to be multi fuel but it will only burn anthracite eggs for coal, if its just as a stand alone wood burner its great. Used a Genevieve Taylor dough recipe and the results were amazing. Good seasoned or kiln dried wood burns for a long time with high output. Here at Direct Stoves, we have double sided wood burners and multi-fuel stoves from leading manufacturers including Hunter , Ekol , Parkray , Charnwood , and more. If you want a curved front stove I don’t think you can beat this stove for value. Came really quick and the quality is excellent, really sturdy and looks amazing. Unfortunately this product did not fit my brand of stove (B&Q Beldray stove). There aren't many small-ish double sided stoves out there but we went for this one over the competition. had my stove delivered today.very courteous delivery man.the stove will be installed after my chimney is swept.very impressed thank you stoveworld. Ekol Clarity 8 low . Well, take a look at the Hunter Herald 14 Double Sided Double Depth Stove for a glimpse of a relatively large double sided double depth stove. Fantastic stove and amazing customer service. We are loving our bbqs now. Find out more. Incl. Another festive snap for you ???? I’ve had several wood burners over the years( different properties) and this is the best yet. Koza K 8 Tunnel 9kW Double Sided Stove . Simple to start and a joy to adjust whilst sat in my arm chair- stretching out a foot , twiddle a toe and mission completed! Since doing this i have been able to do low and slow cooks after having used it for cooking pizza, where the oven has stayed up at 200+ for 4 or so hours after the fire has died down. I've had the pizza oven since the end of may, and have used it fairly extensively over the past few months.The oven is fairly substantial, well made and heats up quickly. Dik Geurts DG Odin 8 Wood Burning Stove Round. Ekol Clarity double sided high . The first double-sided DEFRA Stove available. Great build quality and lovely large window. The biggest waste of 1600 pound you will ever spend. First class service. CUSTOMER SERVICE - knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Invicta Nelson 14 kW Double Fronted Wood Burning Stove. As with all the Boru double sided stoves you can heat 2 rooms with the need for only one chimney. 1550.00 EUR. All in all this is an awesome value piece of kit, and i look forward to all the experimentation that having a wood fired oven allows me to have.... DEFRA APPROVED, 80% efficient, Ottawa 5kw Stand Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves Multi Fuel. The larger glass door lets the heat out bit you get a great visual. See our Reviews. All of our friends admire it and are jealous of our good... [ Thanks ???????? Had ours installed by a couple of weeks ago and we love it. Please insure that once a month the stove is let out and thoroughly cleaned, ideally drop the baffle plate down and remove any debris to insure the air flow remains un-restricted. Great value for money as well. based on 5 reviews (View rating breakdown) The Woodwarm Fireview doublesided stove is a free standing model with a door on either side. read more The Ekol Clarity is a great modern twist on a tradtional double sided stove, ideal for a centre piece in a room or in a fireplace in between two rooms. Mendip Churchill 8 Double Sided View Product. Easy to light for the first time and works well. Coseyfire 4.5 Multi-Fuel Woodburning Stove Stoves, Defra Approved 5kw Coseyfire Petit Ivory Enamel Multi-Fuel Woodburning Stove, "Raw" XL 1000mm Diameter 50KG Indian Fire Bowl And Complete Cooking Set With Tri-Pod Kit, Green Machine (No stand) Outdoor Stainless Steel Stone Base Pizza Oven, Garden Oven, Smoker, BBQ -, Stove World UK is the exclusive online home of Ecosy+ Stoves. Double Sided Stoves. Hooked on outdoor cooking now. Amazed, moved from a wood gobbling poor heating thing to this, what a difference, large 3 bedroom house heats up nicely, averaging 22 C in other rooms, and anything from 25 to 35 C in the ground floor, a couple of eco fans spreads the heat from this beauty well, shorts and T shirts on a cold dark winters night - excellent. A double sided stove is perfect if you have a large room which needs a special feature, or perhaps you have a dividing wall between two rooms and want to heat both sides at the same time? 5 YEAR GUARANTEE, Zona Arch 5kw Eco Design 2022 Woodburning, Multi-Fuel Stove, European Built, Defra Approved Ecosy+ Purefire 7-8kw Curve Woodburning Stove 5 Year Guarantee - Grey Enamel Door, Ecosy+ Hampton 5 Defra Approved With Stand - Ecodesign Ready (2022) - 5kw Wood Burning Stove - 7 Year Guarantee - Black, Ecosy+ Hampton 6.4 Double Sided, Defra Approved, Ecodesign Ready (2022), Wood Burning Stove, Coseyfire 25KW Multi-Fuel Woodburning BOILER stove, Ecosy+ Snug 5kw Multi-Fuel, 2022 Eco Design Ready , Defra Approved Stove, Ecosy+ Hampton Highline 5kw Defra Approved - Ecodesign Ready (2022) - 7 Year Guarantee - Black, 5" Vertical Rear Flue Box - 90 Degree Flue Box - Hampton / Purefire, 12kw OTTAWA + CLEAN BURN Contemporary Woodburning Stoves Multi Fuel 5 YEAR GUARANTEE, Defra Approved Ecosy +12-14kw Double Sided Woodburning Stoves Multi Fuel 5 Year Guarantee -, Replacement side bricks for Ecosy+ Ottawa 7-8kw multi-fuel stove, 12mm Tear Drop Glass Hearth / Plinth Floor Plate For Woodburning Stove, DEFRA APPROVED 12kw OTTAWA + CLEAN BURN Contemporary Woodburning Stoves Multi Fuel 5 YEAR GUARANTEE, Ecosy+ Snug 7 to 10kw Multi-Fuel, 2022 Eco Design Ready , Defra Approved Stove, Replacement glass pane for Coseyfire 22 12kw, 30kw Back Boiler Multi-Fuel Woodburning Stove , Secondary Burn, Thermostat, Green Machine Outdoor Stainless Steel Stone Base Pizza Oven, Garden Oven, Smoker, BBQ, Ecosy+ Panoramic Twin Door Defra Approved 5kw Eco Design Ready (2022) - Woodburning Stove - 5 Year Guarantee, Ecosy+ Panoramic Traditional - Defra Approved, 5kw , Eco Design Ready (2022) - Woodburning Stove - 5 Year Guarantee, Nero 11 Contemporary Woodburning Multi-fuel Stove 11kw BLACK. Stove wattages: As Hunter sells a variety of stoves, its wattages range widely too – from around 4kW to 20kW for some double-sided models. Dik Geurts DG Odin 8 Wood Burning Stove Round. Stockton Double Sided Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stoves. Henley Faro 600 Double Sided. Incredible value for money and it looks great in our newly refurbished fireplace. After moving house and leaving our lovely stove behind we were very keen to have a stove fitted at our new place. Was installed by a recommended/ qualified fitter. Double Sided Stoves also known as double fronted stoves or Dual Aspect Stoves can be used to create a dramatic focal point in the centre of a room or two adjoining rooms. Delivery time: 1-3 Working Days. It's a fraction of the price of the Parkray Aspect 4 and yet nothing short of brilliant. It ensures maximum efficiency by naturally convecting the heat where it is needed into the room. 1200.00 EUR. Double Sided Stoves Choose a single depth or double depth and you will be thrilled with the outputs achievable. With or without back boiler. Just wished the front grid was better and keeping the ash in :). It's a fraction of the price of the Parkray Aspect 4 and yet nothing short of brilliant.

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