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Its Japanese name is "Uchuu Seiki", meaning "Space Era". Gundam Unicorn. Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 12. Giant God of Legend: Gigantis' Counterattack, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam 1/2 UC 0087: Another Story, Mobile Suit Gundam F91: Formula Report 0122, Mobile Suit Gundam in UC 0099: Moon Crisis, Mobile Suit Gundam Silhouette Formula 91 in UC 0123, Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Hero of Stardust, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Deleted Affair: Portrait Of Young Comet, Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Space, To the End of a Flash, Developers: Mobile Suit Gundam Before One Year War, Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Skull Heart, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Day After Tomorrow - From Kai Shiden's Report, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Four Story - And to a soldier…, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Hi Streamer, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children, Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Edge Of Gunsmoke, Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Revenge of J Gundam, Mobile Fighter G Gundam Side Story: Tower Of Death, Mobile Fighter G Gundam Side Story: Flying Dragon Legend, Mobile Fighter G Gundam The Next Generation, Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Hidden Shadow G, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (Manga), New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Episode Zero, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Dual Story: G-Unit, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Battlefield of Pacifists, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Ground Zero, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Blind Target, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Side Story: A Scythe In My Right Hand, You In My Left, After War Gundam X Side Story: Newtype Warrior Jamil Neate, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. It definitely has its ups and downs, though—and being as old as it is, some series haven't exactly held up very well over time. Wars on Earth had long ended, and the world seemed to have entered a peaceful era. The Correct Century is the timeline used in ∀ Gundam. Zeta Gundam. Gundam Versus has one involving its navigators: If you have Bright Noa as the set Navigator and when you lose while using odd pilots like Kira Yamato, Flit Asuno and others who are a bit worthy to get Bright slapped, there would be a likely chance Bright would say "Stop Crying! Anno Domini is a timeline where the events of Gundam 00 (which uses the Gregorian calendar) take place. Pretty much everything in all other Gundamseries has its roots in the U.C. Gundam covers a large array of series, that is continuing to grow since the release of the first series in 1979 called Mobile Suit Gundam. This is the original Gundamuniverse. Future Century is the timeline of the anime television series Mobile Fighter G Gundam and its related projects. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Free shipping on qualifying orders and products. Still, even thirty years after its inception, this timeline has the most rabid Japanese fanbase of the franchise and continues to get new content even now. Please? All the other Gundam Universes can be watched whenever you wish. Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: Apocalypse 0079, Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2: The Gravity Front, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team – Miller's Report, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky, Stampede: The Story of Professor Minovsky, Mobile Suit Vs. Gundam has recently revealed 5 new anime projects for 2019 in preparation for the 40th anniversary for the Gundam franchise. It has since grown to progress the original story line as well as created alternate universes and characters. Char's Counterattack. Gundam list best to worst. Suggested Gundam Anime Viewing Order. A.D. 2314: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer- (2010) Yes. The following is a list of Gundam series to date organized into the universes that they take place in, as well as in chronological order according to their respected time lines. Instead of focusing on a single protagonist, Gundam Wing relied on multiple characters that all pushed the narrative forward, each gaining their own Gundam. universe. (this list is still under construction) A complete list of the timelines used in the various Gundam series. Its kanji literally means "Correct Calendar". Movies. The Universal Century remains by far the most developed timeline with the largest number of works. RELATED: Gundam: Every Movie In The 0079 Trilogy (In Chronological Order) A.D. 2307-2308: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (1st Season) (TV series, 2007 - 2008, Compilation movies, 2009 – 2010) 2. Earn TOM Points! Its Japanese name, 'Seireki', is a wordplay on the Japanese term for the Common Era (C.E.) Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: The Hidden One Year War, Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: Apocalypse 0079, Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2: The Gravity Front, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop, After War Gundam X: ~Under the Moonlight~, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. The main series is Universal Century. This one is generally release order. Also Ghiren Zabi's voice can be funny to some if he's set as the Navigator. Check out the centuries and their one-shot series, in no particular order, below: After War — Gundam X What it is: On a post-apocalyptic Earth, a young thief only looks out for his own survival. I know there are Gundam seed, g Gundam, Gundam 00, and so on. Gundam Seed first then Gundam Seed Destiny from "Cosmic Era" Each gundam anime have their own specific Era and are not related to other gundam stories from other era, so you can watch them in any order. Menu. Western calendar system (西暦; also pronounced Seireki). Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight Axis ZZ Gundam. Gundam F91. Hi Uri-L007, it seems like you might be looking for a show's watch order! 1. Devil Gundam Cell Of Threat, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Operation Meteor. Should You Watch It? is the timeline of the Gundam SEED series. Anno Domini is a timeline where the events of Gundam 00 (which uses the Gregorian calendar) take place. We're awaiting your order! The After Colony timeline is the third most developed, with one TV series, one OVA series and a compilation movie. It is also the second most developed, with two TV series, one ONA and two compilation movies. 08th MS Team. Mars Century consists of one novel. Mobile Suit Gundam (Japanese: 機動戦士ガンダム, Hepburn: Kidō Senshi Gandamu, also known as First Gundam, Gundam 0079 or simply Gundam '79) is a televised anime series, produced and animated by Nippon Sunrise.Created and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, it premiered in Japan on Nagoya Broadcasting Network and its affiliated ANN stations on April 7, 1979, and lasted until January 26, … Hence, it should be mentioned after Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt 2nd Season for it to be in chronological order. There are alternate timeline Gundams, with Universal Century being the main timeline where everything matters & is connected of course. Movies. Here's a list of our top 10 best Gundam Anime Series of all time! ", and even then it's rare when it happens. After War is the timeline set after an apocalyptic war world, and has many similarities with the Universal Century. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 11. The series took on an entirely different angle to the usual Gundam approach. Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2: The Gravity Front 10. Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket. if you'd like to watch any of these series here are our suggestions for Best Anime Streaming Sites #10- Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (1995-1996) In the distant future, Mankind has colonized space, with clusters of space colonies at each of the five Earth-Moon Lagrange points. Browse our Gundam Series selection! (^-^) What's It About? Starting the Gundam Watch Order with this 6 episodes OVA tells the story of Mobile Suit Gundam from the perspective of the first Gundam’s pilot rival, Char Aznable starting from childhood to where he earns his Red Comet title. 2. At number 11 you mentioned "Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt - Bandit Flower" which is basically U.C 0080/81 and not U.C 0079 since it being the compilation of Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt 2nd Season. The order of release is as follows: (Note: some releases deal with previous titles but not necessarily the titles immediately before them) Mobile Suit Gundam (Also known as the First Gundam, it is the nickname used by Japanese fans, once sequels appeared' Gundam 0079 has also been established for use, as a nickname derived from its spinoff manga and games used by the … The key to watching Gundam in chronological order is to pi… Where Should Yo… After War is the only timeline, besides the U.C., to feature Newtypes as an important element. The Gundam Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Gundam Series. On our watch order wiki you can find suggested orders for a ton of shows (hopefully including the one you're looking for), as well as information that will help you decide on what to watch for the more complicated series Gundam .. Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory 6. Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory. Cosmic Era (often abbreviated as "C.E.") Earn TOM Points! The Gundam Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The Advanced Generation (often abbreviated as "AG" or "A.G.") is the timeline of the Gundam AGE. It generally follows a more realistic approach, however there are really doofy series like ZZ Gundam and G … If you choose the path of not just picking the series that sounds the most intriguing and watching it, watching Gundam in order is less about lining all the series up, but rather lining the series up in the correct universes in the Gundam Multiverse.There are currently three main universes in the Gundam Multiverse as well as a large handful of universes that only feature one series. The Regild Century is the setting of Gundam Reconguista in G. It is set chronologically about a thousand years after the end of the Universal Century, and roughly 500 years after the Correct Century. Menu. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This list of shows are only the ones that where dubbed in English, none of the Japanese only dubbed shows. Victory Gundam. Browse our Gundam Series selection! I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. The Post Disaster era is a timeline set 300 years after a devastating war known as the "Calamity War". can u tell me the Gundam series in order. It is the only Gundam timeline after the original Universal Century with multiple TV series.

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