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or something like meez? in: All PC XBOX 360 PS3 WII NDS PS2 … Second Life is one of the most popular games like IMVU online. . WII. Source(s): My opinion! Developed by Linden Labs Second Life has been online since 2003 for Windows and Mac with regular core releases occurring on 6 monthly cycle. 1 decade ago. Sign Up . Any online games similar to Meez?? iPhone; Android; Hot! clubpenguin. Overall, you will have a stellar time enjoying Friv games, all you have to do is to make the right pick and play the game you like the most. Related Questions. Games like meez are like Imvu , Habbo , Weeworld <3. ***WARNING: BAD LANGUAGE ALERT!!! Mini Football; Ultimate Golf; Motorsport Manager Online; Head Ball 2; Pool Instant; Basketball Stars; More iOS Games Hot! Play Meez Meez Revolution It was first launched in 2006 and you can play this on windows and macs. Still have questions? Free games only! By 1995, it had made an estimated $2.3 billion. Luna online is a game where you can battle friends or foes. Look and try to find cheats for all of them! Community. Mettre à jour: not habbo, fantage, or meez!!!!! Here are some other pages relating to Zwinky avatars: Learn more about Zwinky avatars and how to make them; Get free Muggins for Messenger; If you enjoy using your Zwinky, you can also visit our homepage to get avatars and MSN … If you are looking for something that isnt human you can go to, or … You can build the world as you imagine it with one of the best virtual world platforms available. frist of all whats meez????? Are so bored and we like game that you walk around and talk to people BUT we cant download anything...We played and . Work your way up the social ladder by working at a variety of jobs and upgrading your apartment. [Play it here] 14. without acquire a software/application is amazingly stressful, yet there're incorrect way. You can create as many Zwinkies as you like, so go ahead and make your Zwinkie from above (you will be able to access the Zwinky maker). Meez also lets you create your own 3D animated avatar. 4 years ago. Anonymous. Customize the look of your avatar to suit your personality and personal preferences. 0 0. c'mon ppl plz help me!!! Meez. 3 Answers. Top Answer. WeeWorld is another online avatar game that is incredibly popular. i think pirates of the burning sea . Go ahead and place your thoughts on the online bulletin boards for all to see. Hope this helped ;P . Ive been dying for games to play..Im always bored. X360. Well if you have a console Sims 3 is the best decision, you can play with life as your own Sim. 1 réponse. *** I used to eat, sleep, and breathe this game yo. Ok, so I'm really bored, and need something to do!! sam. PS2. Haahaaaaa, :) 1 2 3 🙏 0 🤨 0 😮 0 😂 0. Did it shut down? Are there any games like imvu except w/o dowloading? VIRTUAL GAME WORLD . Games like, Games Like Meez Top 10 Games Like Meez Unlease your style in the cute and colorful world of Meez. Favourite answer. Add a Comment. bored guy. Second Life is a free to play online life simulation game designed to appeal to fans of the virtual world genre that want to go a step deeper with enhanced customisation and a real world inspired economy. 4 Answers. Favorite Answer. Clothing Cosmos; Orbital Outlet; Magazines; Wardrobe; Games; Login . 1 Answer. Any games like The title involved simply screams out free games, avatars and online worlds. There are a wide asortment of activities such as fishing, bug catching, missions, and much more! Answer Save. is just like meez. Meez is social network service out of San Francisco that differs slightly from the models of gaming services like Kongregate. Doom . Games like meez are like Imvu , Habbo , Weeworld <3 Haahaaaaa, :) What happened to the computer game called meez? In the list of games like IMVU, vSide is a type of virtual world that enables different features to its users. Games Like Meez Play. Answer Save. Forum; Users; Creative. Asked by Wiki User. Hamie. Favorite Answer. no kiddy webs. Games like meez are like Imvu , Habbo , Weeworld <3 Haahaaaaa, :) Are there any other games like meez? Kongregate free online game Meez Meez Revolution - Dance to the beat with 9 songs and various game options to satisfy your finger-dancing needs.. SocioTown is a complete Virtual Game World where you can level-up and earn experience points! ITs a fun place where you can … 0 0. What really did happen to Meez? It has millions of registered users and they just celebrated their 13th anniversary in 2016. thnx! I hope y'all enjoy this as much as I did! runescape. Similar Games for Meez PC. NDS. Wiki User Answered . Games Like Meez. Start by creating a free account using your email or use Facebook to play Meez games. Vous avez encore des questions? Answer Save. PS3. This is … 1 decade ago. Once done, you can go and explore a fantastic and fabulous world full of all kinds of wonders. The avatars are there to represent the player in the virtual world. 8 Ball Pool;; OurWorld; Tanki Online; Raid Land;; Donut Vs Donut; Squadd Royale; Play. 11 12 13. Thanks!! addictinggames.con. Meez is getting annoying with the lagging 24/7 and imvu is horrible about the prices of clothes. Games; Meez Survey; Acounts For Sale; - embed games. Ok, well like im 9. i used to play meez but my mom is gonna find out soon and be like wtf!? So any games like . 11 Answers. 8 years ago. Street Fighter II was hugely influential—it popularized the fighting genre and influenced later fighting games, like Mortal Kombat. Il y a 1 décennie. There is a wide variety of games for free when you sign up. Home. Why not play one of the games related to Meez instead? Relevance. The game focuses on Teens and tweens who like playing community games. 1 decade ago. Answer Save. The computer game, Meez, is still up and running. 1 Answer. 1 decade ago.,,,ex.? Is it updating? mech quest on line video games require pc language to strengthen, as an occasion : Runescape is strengthen by an old Java engine. :o so i gotta quit it.. so does anyone have any games for kids thats like meez? Chase J. All the graphics and visuals are available in 3D in this platform. 0 0. Meez is a fully three-dimensional virtual world. Lv 4. hope i helped. Relevance. Still have questions? My friend and I. Répondre Enregistrer. 1 decade ago. Well, if you’re looking for alternate sites that provide you with similar engaging attributes then you’ve jumped onto the proper space. Fun games like Réponse préférée . Try Habbo Hotel. Other Zwinky pages. dragon fable. Right now the developers of this game is ExitReality. The exciting games like Meez listed here allow social butterflies to flee into a fun virtual environment. And apart from all these goodies, the Meez Nation also provides players with more than 80 web-based casual games. i need a games that's awesome with chat and not clubpenguin but 13 and up!!! SocioTown is a 3D virtual game world. Source(s): Explore an exciting virtual world with highly engaging neighborhoods. Answer. Do you know any online games that are like meez, where you don't need to download anything? Re-invent yourself in a new stylish and cool fashion. 1 decade ago. 0 0. Karebear. 0 0. Meez is a social entertainment network where you can play games and have fun. Meez offers the chance to the player to live a life in a virtual world and do anything they want. Pertinence. learn some "pc Language". This game reminds me so much of meez if it was 2-D..this is what meez wishes its clothing system was like
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