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Most of the knives in this category hover around $200, an acceptable price tag for a good, durable knife. Overall Length: 11.6” Along with making their knives in the USA and backing all of their knives by Benchmade’s LifeSharp Service and unbelievable warranty, these knives are made with incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship. However, for the average EDC, that isn’t an issue to consider. Overall Length: 11.75 Inches Home » Knives » 34 Best Fixed Blade Knives in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide). Looking through purchases and reviews by others who have bought this knife, you’ll be hard-pressed to find negative reviews, with most people saying it is an excellent blade and many actually using the word “perfect” to describe it. The cutout portion of the spine allows the tip to have a smaller footprint while it slides through whatever it is you’re working on and thus allowing sharper turns and more precise movement. Just like corrosion resistance, in many cases, excellent wear resistance generally comes at a tradeoff. Yeah, this is one of those items. It is a very well put-together tool that is on the low side of the financial scale, coming in at under $60.00. There are lots of great brands out there. The Izula-II on paper is actually pretty disappointing but its performance is anything but! This knife has a Rockwell Hardness Rating of 56-58, which makes it about average hardness. Blade Style: Drop Point Blade Style: Drop Point No matter how harsh the weather is, a good knife will always stay un-affected. This knife is ready for just about any challenge you may face and is equally as durable as it is versatile. My Review: This particular fixed blade is one you’ll see being carried by troops overseas, and has been trusted by military leadership at the highest level. PROELIA Defcon TD004 Fixed Blade 7.5 inches D2 Blade G10 Fixed Blade Knives with Handle Hunting The Defcon TD004 features a 7.50-inch blade. Reverse Tanto: The reverse Tanto offers a mostly flat blade belly and a mostly flat spine all the way up until the point. The blade consists of 30 folds of Damascus D2 steel (15% carbon) with a beautiful birch bark handle and hand made leather sheath. The Kukri’s design almost looks like a boomerang with a very awkward shape that I have no idea how to put into words and with that said, just take a look at the KA-BAR Kukri for inspiration. Each of these knives has a lanyard attachment and a deep carry pocket clip. It’s got a very neutral styling that is obviously crafted for function over form, it’s well balanced and extremely versatile, and it has no real downfalls. This knife is not trying to be anything other than what it is: a great knife. 1095 Cro-Van steel is not 1095 steel; 1095 steel is like its precursor. The handle is made of 6061-T6 aluminum, which is made up of silicone and magnesium. Grind: Flat Shooting $ 13.99. This is one of the few trailing-point shaped fixed blades that I would recommend as a fairly versatile and overall fantastically designed knife that could be used across many situations. Whether you’re just opening boxes or slicing up wood in the forest, you want to make sure your knife of choice has a grippy enough grip that your hand won’t slide down and slice open on the blade. This short-blade is the perfect length, weight, and overall size to become your EDC from the moment you first use it. These full tang CPM-S30V blades are 4” brushed steel blades that are available in both drop-point or gut hook blade shapes. Full Tang: Full tang means there is one solid piece of steel that runs straight through the handle. In fact, it is such a broad category, it would be easy to write an entire book on the subject with ease. Okay, fine I’ll explain. They are geared towards portability, concealability, and utility. As a kid in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I remember when makers first introduced survival knives with hollow handles packed full of emergency goods, such as a compass, patch, needle/thread, and matches. Since it is a larger knife, it may be cumbersome to carry. First and foremost, fixed blade knives are meant to survive in the wild. This is a solid, low-cost field knife from Glock that won’t break the bank but will get the job done. Laminated CoS cobalt steel is around 60 HRC which, compared to some other premier tier steels, is pretty average, but it has one major advantage – It’s extremely resistant to corrosion and the lamination Fallkniven has chosen to finish their steel with really aids in the longevity of the blade over long periods of time and abuse. Coming out of this guide, you should have a good idea of what to look for, what attributes are important, what features are worth paying for, and how to acquire a great fixed blade knife at a ridiculous price! Blade Steel: 154CM Stainless Steel It’s a fixed blade that I have become very close to and as such, I strongly recommend it for just about everybody. Blade Length: 5/16″ A final note here, the grip is a very simple black rubber grip that is surprisingly durable. The knives are similar in size, but depending on your use case one will likely be better than the other. Blade Length: 4.40” (11.18cm) The full tang S30V blade can take a good bit of abuse and is perfect for bushcraft, camping, survival applications. The 1213 comes with the traditional combat oriented clip-point design with a full tang construction. Bradford Guardian 3 Knife This stylish American made knife ups the game for EDC fixed blade knives. My Review: The Boker Persian is a knife that may not suit everyone due to its odd shape and grip angle, however, if you like the grip, you’ll love the knife. This best protection against your hand slipping would be a grip with finger grooves, which function as the best impingement to slippage. Common examples of fixed blade knives are camping and hunting knives, survival knives, skinning knives and gut-hook knives. My Review: At first look, I was not sure if I would like this knife or not. The thin and narrowness of this grip makes it easy to hold in your hand and incredibly convenient to fit into a pocket, boot, purse, or backpack. In terms of strength, durability, and versatility, fixed-blade knives tend to beat folding knives almost every time. When deployed, that tiny but mighty H-1 2.50” blade actually feels quite handy and since the belly of the blade has such a steep curvature, it really feels like having much more cutting real-estate than a typical 2.50” blade. It’s a nice place to live, but it’s not exactly a mecca of bushcraft. Not all of the knives in this line are automatic, but Protech has added automatics to the TR5 line. Gerber StrongArm and LMF II (Best Value), 3. The Bowie is a long blade by design and can have several different tangs as well as many different handles. 6061-T6 aluminum handle for strength yet lightweight carry. Weight: 5.4 ounces. These laws can vary from one city to the next. Overall, if you’re looking for the best fixed blade knife under 50 dollars, this should be a top contender. At first, I kind of felt like this knife was more of a fashion statement than anything else but it does actually pack quite a punch in a very small and lightweight form factor that I’ve grown to really enjoy. The full tang AUS-8 blade is coated with black Titanium Nitride to protect the blade from the elements, and while this knife isn’t made with a super steel like some of the more expensive knives on this list, AUS-8 is a well-rounded steel and you get a capable knife at an affordable price. These sheaths are excellent and far exceeded expectations at this price point. It does not have an automatic deployment, but a standard flipper opening. This compact fixed blade is built with a full-flat ground blade and an ergonomic G-10 handle. Folding knives are generally designed to be tools that can be deployed to cut through something in your way, such as a packing strap, rope, tape, etc. It gets its name because the tang is inserted by pushing it into a hollow portion in the blade, which is then secured with epoxy. The original had a manual deployment. Handle Thickness: 1.00″. The point is extremely thin and sharp, allowing for that initial penetration and then the thicker section of the blade easily slides into whatever you’re stabbing, creating massive damage and an incredibly difficult wound to heal from. Bowies are useful as self-defense/combat blades, hunting blades, utility knives, and quite a few other utility scenarios. These knives can sustain long term abuse whether that comes in the form of preparing your next meal or use around the farm and can perform many of the same duties as the ever so versatile drop-point. Overall, this is a great hunting or combat knife. Speaking of fishing, these blades offer excellent resistance to corrosion and therefore are great to use around the water. is reader-supported. Karambits are versatile, intimidating, and incredibly effective in self-defense but are difficult to use properly and aren’t great for a beginner. These knives are great because they offer so much utility at a ridiculously low price. Of course, this knife is plenty more capable than just use as a skinning blade. We feel these are the most important criteria when scoring the utility of a knife. You can’t go wrong with a fixed blade. Even after a month of consistent use, the blade remains sharp enough to slice through paper like butter. The handle is sleek and smooth and easily fits in a pocket or purse. Weight: 12 oz Weight: 8.8 oz. This could not be further from the truth. This makes it great for both heavy tasks and delicate tasks. Total Weight: 2.00 Ounces My Review: As mentioned this is basically just a larger version of the SEAL Pup elite. The rubberized grip on the handle is pretty good but if the knife experiences abuse, that rubberization will come off so be careful! The Spyderco Bow River is a versatile fixed blade that was designed to manage a wide range of outdoor cutting chores. San Mai is the option for you. The Fixed Contego 183 Knife would make a worthy addition to any knife collection, perfectly suited for all sorts of cutting, stabbing, and even sawing applications thanks to its impeccable design. Kukri: This is either a battle-hardened nightmare for your enemies or a top-class bushcrafter, your choice and I suppose it could be both as well. Gerber Mark II Fixed Blade Knife. Overall, if you’re looking for a very versatile fixed blade knife at a reasonable price, the StrongArm is a strong choice! Overall, we believe these knives reflect the best of the best. Monday, November 30th: Best New Tactical Fixed Blade (WINNER: Spyderco Nightstick) Tuesday, December 1st: Best New EDC Fixed Blade (WINNER: Mora Eldris LightDuty) Wednesday, December 2nd: Best New Outdoors Fixed Blade (WINNER: Benchmade 202 Leuku) Thursday, December 3rd: Best New Kitchen/Culinary Knife. My Review: If style points are your thing and you like that classic fixed blade appearance, you have to check this thing out. Nowadays, we have a bunch of options to choose from in terms of blade materials that are capable of surviving harsh weather conditions. With prices ranging from $100-$1000, you can find a simple flat black tactical version of this knife, or a marble inlaid handle with an orange peel texture and a Damascus blade to really show off your aesthetic. Perhaps the fixed blade EDC knife that is recommended the most by professionals in any hard-working, serious cutting profession, this is a 1095 steel workhorse that is more tactical knife than standard EDC. MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 Series Fixed Blade Tactical Knife View On Amazon. Weight: 8.0 oz, Intended Uses: EDC Fixed blade, hunting, fishing, hiking, ranch work. Why a Fixed Blade Knife? It comes with a 100% leather sheath made in Mexico to protect the blade. Total Weight: 3.10 Ounces This will be your woodcarving knife that you’ll always feel proud of it. Looking for your next Tactical and Every Day Carry (EDC) knife purchase? This is an excellent knife made with superior quality materials and comes with a finger choil that allows for expert handling all at a fair price. Something interesting to note here is the use of partial-tang designs. Push tangs are considered a type of partial tang, but generally, knives labeled as “partial tang” will have slightly longer tangs than push tangs but have handles constructed in almost identical manners. The blade is made out of what we’ve already established to be premium steel: CPM-S35VN. Overall Length: 9.1″ (232mm). Benchmade Bushcrafter (Editor’s Choice), 5. It can be a bit trickier to sharpen, but with the right tools, this blade will sharpen better than other steel materials. It’s weighty enough to feel it in your hand, but not enough to hinder movement. If the Marine recommendation doesn’t sell you this knife, we don’t know what will. Handle Thickness: 0.92” (23.37mm). Blade Style: Drop point Many knife manufacturers design their blades with a layer of corrosion-resistant over the steel to enhance the corrosion resistance of the blade, however, these coatings are prone to damage and almost always end up coming off after a little rigorous usage. This is a fantastic knife for those of you who are getting out there and going on adventures. Shooting $ 69.95. The bayonet blade is modeled after “stiletto” blades of the past. The strength of your grip won’t matter here, as the grooves will stop your hand from slipping. Even I have to admit the Ghostrike is a pretty good knife, though, because this is exactly the kind of knife Gerber does really well.

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